Our Dynamic Earth

About this project

Client: Our Dynamic Earth
Location: Edinburgh, UK

“The installation of our new Animalive interactive exhibit has gone very smoothly. Much of this was to do with the planning that took place before the installation happened on site.

Our Dynamic Earth required two bespoke characters to be developed as well as an interactive background suitable for our gallery space. It was a pleasure to work with the animator on developing our ‘explorer’ characters and the interactive background featuring volcanoes, meteorite impacts and a pre-historic landscape. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was ready for the installation.

Animalive put us in touch with one of their customers and we were able to arrange a visit to see the interactive in action, and to ‘try our hand’ at operating it. This allowed us to develop our thoughts on how we would operate our system in house.

The installation went very smoothly and the training made the system easy to use for our Visitor Services staff and our guests have been enjoying the new exhibit since Easter 2012.”

Douglas Walker
Commercial Director


Date:  October 7, 2014