Hui Buh 4D

About this project

Client: Bavaria Filmstadt
Location: Germany

This industry first sees the ever-popular German Ghost Hui Buh guides the audience around his castle home encountering problems that only the audience can help him with. Displayed in full stereo 3D the Animalive systems midi controls also trigger the 4D effects. This allows the interactive Hui Buh to target audience members and trigger effects at any time during the show!

‘We came across Animalive at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando and were immediately impressed with the unique “wow factor” that showed their products were ideal for our 4D FX live show theatre. We are an entertainment company and we do change and adjust content on a regular basis. The straight forward, uncomplicated, flexible system with its vast possibilities of spontaneous guest interaction means Animalive represents the true positive meaning and potential of flexibility. This was really a great plus that puts them far in front of a lot of their competitors’.

Nico Roessler
Managing Director