The Dragon Tower

About this project

Client: Merlin Entertainments

Location: Warwick Castle UK

Themed around the popular BBC television show Merlin, the Dragons Tower takes the audience on a journey through the castle to meet with the last great dragon. The Dragon answers questions from the audience until he hears king Uther’s knights arriving, which results in things hoting up! The mixture of live Cgi and live special effects create a truly unique branded attraction.

The Dragons tower is a paid attraction providing an ROI for Warwick Castle by way of ticket sales and photo opportunities.

‘Animalive listened and rose to the challenge and put a lot of personal effort into getting the final creative as accurate as possible. They conveyed a pride in their work and were very much part of the team in my eyes.

When they presented a test of a Dragons eye blinking – that for me clinched the deal! Animazoo made me feel like they shared the same values as Merlin Entertainments and for that reason I would happily work with them again’.

Ailsa Easton, Creative Director

Merlin Entertainments