Lat’s Place

About this project

A world first, bringing Malaysian village life to a new audience through song, dance, food and interactive animation!


Client: Themed Attractions and Resorts Malaysia
Location: Puteri Harbour Malaysia


Discover life in Lat’s village at this state-of-art themed restaurant, where Lat the Kampung Boy and his LAToon friends come to life through live animation. You’ll enjoy a truly unique and interactive dining experience as you savour cuisine from around the region and watch Lat and his friends dance, sing and perform. LAT’s Place is the first-of-its-kind in the world and will give you a feast for all the senses!

LAT’s Place provides audiences an engaging and interactive animated experience from Lat’s storybook, with a storyline driven content revolving around the preparation of a feast and community activities in a session that lasts for 80 minutes.


Animalive produced and installed 6 AnimationBrains with fullbody motion capture suits to allow performers to puppeteer interactive charaters, who entertain diners. The 6 characters were created by acclaimed Malaysian artist Dato Lat and converted to interactive CGi by Stuart Brown, Animalive’s Head of Animation.