About this project

Client: Merlin Entertainments Chessington World of Adventure
Location: UK


Initial investigations have unearthed a new land called “ZUFARI”. The only signs of civilisation are some mysterious African carvings that we believe are warnings. We need your help to solve the mystery.

Journey through the extreme terrain in off-road trucks and encounter many species including giraffes and white rhino.


As part of the “pre-show” Animalive produced a fully interactive CGi Lemur “Ghozi”, who sets the scene and narrative of the attraction. Not only does “Ghozi” explain the strange new Zufari land, the audience can ask him questions and have a conversation with him.

Animalive produced the character, supplied the AnimationBrain Hardware, and also produced the animated content to the pre-recorded introduction video (CGi character composited on live action footage).