The System

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The Animalive system is a configuration of custom built hardware and our animation software.  The core animation system which we call the ‘Animation Brain’, powers the digital pupperty experience.

Please watch the animation clip below to see how our the Animalive system works.


An operator controls a computer generated character’s movements either using a motion capture suit which tracks the operator’s body movements, or by triggering pre recorded movements via a touchscreen interface. The operator’s voice is captured through a microphone to drive the character’s mouth movement and so that the audience can hear the operator. A hidden microphone and camera is then placed in the audience area, with the signals fed back to the operator to allow conversation between the character and audience.

Stock System

The Animalive system is a configuration of custom built hardware and our animation software.  The core animation system which we call the ‘Animation Brain’, powers the digital pupperty experience.

Please watch the animation clip below to see how our the Animalive system works.


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How It Works

Powerful & Flexible Software

Animalive is powered by the ‘Animalive Engine’, developed totally in-house, the engine provides us complete autonomy over the content of a show. The ‘Animalive Engine’ utilises the latest in cutting-edge 3D technology to bring to life beautifully rendered characters in equally rich environments. The underlying foundation to any of our award-winning shows is the ‘Animalive Engine’, constantly improving with new and exciting features and strengthened by years of development and testing. Our highly skilled team of artists and technicians coupled with this wonderfully flexible software enables us to deliver to the far reaches of your imagination.

Animation is the core component to injecting life into our diverse set of characters and environments. Whether it be exaggerated, expressive cartoon-like animations or more nuance, humanoid animations a combination of in-house motion capture technology with talented keyframe animators can meet your demands. The ‘Animalive Engine’ is flexible enough to handle even the most complex of animations attributed to any elements of the show – character animation, object animation, environmental animation, camera animation, you name it, we can do it.
Computer graphics is the cornerstone of any decent piece of software that attempts to get its audience to believe in the world. We have worked extensively to bring the graphical benchmark of Animalive up to the standards that the latest hardware can deliver. However, it is not just about looking great, it’s also about having the flexibility to satisfy multiple styles. If you are looking to create something ultra-realtistic or go for a more cartoony style, our library of shaders and materials will enable us to create your vision and if we don’t have it already, we will build it.
Over many years of developing Animalive shows for the engine we have acquired an extensive library of assets from characters to props to environments. The engine has undergone many transitions but we make special effort to ensure that any previous assets remain compatible with the latest edition. We are a resourceful company, we open up our Asset Library to you to discover any assets in line with your vision.
The most important ability of the ‘Animalive Engine’ is its flexibility. Everything we produce is developed in-house, from this we are not bound by technical or artistic constraints. The engine is already rich with features that can easily produce a fantastically complex scene but if your vision includes features not already present, our dedicated team of developers will excitedly extend the engine to meet your needs. This approach allows us to further the abilities of the engine while simultaneously satisfying your needs. The culmination of such a workflow has resulted in the fully formed engine we now boast and we strive to continue to adopt this prosperous method to our development cycle.

Built to meet your high standards

Our Animation Brain is the hardware required to run the Animalive Engine, built and tested in the UK. We build our systems using tried and tested hardware to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Along with software changes such as new characters or animations we also offer a number of hardware upgrades which can be added at a later date. These can range from improving the video and sound quality to outputting to multiple locations from the one system or adding external effects. Our engineers are always happy to discuss your needs and see how we can refresh your show.
The Animation Brain can fit inside a family car allowing for easy transportation across your site or between locations. It only takes one technician to set up and pack the system and this only takes 15 minutes.

Powerful & Flexible Software

To get your show up and running one of our engineers will install your system and give your staff extensive training. We are used to training staff with a range of technical expertise and making sure that they are well equipped to run fantastic show for your guests.

Using remote support software, our engineers can log on to your system wherever you are in the world and diagnose and fix many common problems. This not only saves costs but also means less of your guests get to miss out on your exciting show.
Our engineers will consult with you leading up to your installations to ensure you make the most out of your system. We are experienced in working directly with local AV and event companies around the world meaning that we don’t bog you down with technical requirements.
Over the years we’ve seen what has and hasn’t worked and will work with you to make sure your show is jam packed with unique and surprising elements.